Where to Start

I often get the question: “Which one of your books should I read first?” Of course, that depends on what kind of books you like or what you’re in the mood for at the time.  Keep reading for some tips and pointers.

Lower down the page you’ll find a handy selection menu that will help you narrow down the options by trope or theme.

Age Gap Romance

I have sometimes been called The Queen of Age-Gap. If a May-December romance is what you feel like, I suggest starting with Seasons of Love, a definite fan favourite.  Other crowd pleasers are If You Kiss Me Like ThatAt Your Most Beautiful or Next in Line for Love. For a teacher-student romance, try A Lesson in Love.  ​

The BlissVerse

Recently, I’ve been writing a lot of celebrity romances, all (loosely) set in the same universe, a.k.a. the BlissVerse™. For a lighthearted feel-good romance, start with About That Kiss, or And Then She Kissed Me. If you feel like reading about more sensitive or controversial topics, try A Breathless Place or A Family Affair. 

The L Word, but make it French?

I started writing this series as if it was a television show, with episodes and seasons. If you’re ready for a rollercoaster journey of emotions through Paris, try French Kissing: Season One. Then of course, follow up with Seasons Two, Three, Four and Five. Make sure you read them in order and enjoy the ride!

Heart-warming, but thought-provoking coffee shop romance

If you’re looking for a series of books set in the same universe, but that don’t necessarily have to be read in order (although I would still recommend doing so), then my Pink Bean series is for you. The common denominator of all the books in this series is the Pink Bean coffee shop in Sydney, Australia. A main character in one book could be a secondary one in the next, or the other way around. And every book deals with a thought-provoking topic, be it coming out later in life (No Strings Attached), non-monogamy (Love Without Limits), long-term relationships (No Other Love) or recovering from medical trauma (Crazy for You.)

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