At the Water's Edge: Deluxe Edition

At the Water’s Edge: Deluxe Edition

Sometimes you need to go back to where you came from.

When Ella returns to her hometown to recover from trauma, she makes a connection with Kay, the owner of the local lake resort.

Ella thought she didn’t have time for love, but this extraordinary woman may just prove her wrong.

A deeply emotional read by best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss.

This Deluxe Edition includes sequel novella It Takes Two.

What if the love of your life proposes but you’re not the marrying kind?

Ella and Kay are living happily ever after in Northville, but when Kay asks Ella to marry her, their happiness is threatened by Ella’s past.

Will Ella be able to overcome her fear of tying the knot and give Kay what she wants more than anything? Find out in this sequel to At the Water’s Edge.

Please note: This is NOT a new book. This is a special edition of a previously released novel and sequel novella, both of which have been previously published, now packaged into a gorgeous hardcover.


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