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Opposites AttractMy first idea after brainstorming my story for Opposites Attract was to get a very messy person together with someone prone to OCD, but then I watched the movie Swimming Pool, featuring a very uptight Charlotte Rampling and an extremely sensually portrayed Ludivine Sagnier and I became slightly obsessed. I started dreaming of a lesbian plot for the movie and I woke up on the day I set aside for writing the story so completely consumed by images of Charlotte Rampling secretly feasting her eyes on Ludivine Sagnier’s glossy, youthful legs, I had to write that story instead. So I did. And you can find it in this mini-anthology, alongside more clashing tales of lesbian lust by my favorite co-authors, Cheyenne Blue, Laila Blake, Lucy Felthouse and Erzabet Bishop.

Here’s a snippet from my story ‘The Power of Words’:

Alice lay in a deck chair wearing just a pair of bikini bottoms in a loud floral print. The way the sun warmed her nipples was, indeed, an exquisite sensation. Additionally, Alice was still basking in the glory of actually having taken her top off. She’d just done it. First the straps, then the clasp, finally letting it fall by her side—after which she’d picked it up and draped it over the back of her chair. Joy was entirely to blame for this. Alice didn’t take any responsibility for putting her upper body on display like that. And she would certainly never even consider doing so in front of someone else. But it was just her now. The blue sky above. The cool water of the pool next to her. Some birds chirping in the bushes surrounding the garden. This was what her holiday was made of. Joy would be leaving again in a few days. In fact, Alice might even enjoy her holiday more, what with the contrast of being all alone again—and the new-found pleasure of baring her chest to the sun.

“Wow, Mama,” Alice heard someone say, followed by a wolf whistle. “Glad to see I inspired you.”

Alice blinked her eyes open. The sun was all the way on the other side of the garden. What time was it? “I must have dozed off,” she muttered. Joy stood next to her chair, her eyes fixed on Alice’s bosom. Only then did Alice remember she’d taken off her top before falling asleep.

“Oh shoot.” She quickly covered her breasts with her arms, looking around for her top.

“Looking for this?” Joy held Alice’s bikini top between two fingers. “Nice fabric, by the way… Very unexpected, but hey, life can be full of surprises like that.”

Here’s the blurb:
Ladylit’s ‘Fab Five’ are back, and this time they will regale you with stories revolving around the age-old theme of Opposites Attract. Find out how a Democrat and a Republican reconcile their different political view points in Cheyenne Blue’s ‘Coming Out In District 31′, how a gym novice and a gym bunny get it on in Lucy Felthouse’s ‘Same Place, Same Time’, and how an older, rather uptight woman deals with a young brat spoiling her holiday in Harper Bliss’s ‘The Power of Words’. Further stories by Erzabet Bishop and Laila Blake expand the settings in this diverse mini-anthology to a bookstore and a museum. Tension flies high in these five tales of clashing lesbian lust, in which the characters will have to either ignore their desire or broaden their mind.

Table of Contents
Same Place, Same Time by Lucy Felthouse
Dark Bloomer by Laila Blake
Coming Out in District 31 by Cheyenne Blue
Art Speak by Erzabet Bishop
The Power of Words by Harper Bliss

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P.S. The movie Swimming Pool has inspired me so much that I will also turn the lesbian (non-thriller) version of it (that’s been playing in my head for a few weeks now) into a full-length novel soon! (Seriously, watch that movie!)

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