Writing ‘Release The Stars’ – Day 10

I’m so close to the end of Release The Stars now, I think I might be suffering from (wholly imaginary, I’m sure) Finishing Fear Syndrome. After a decent morning (where I did start later than usual, but the words flowed nicely), I only managed one more session after lunch. I just blocked. It’s a bit crazy because I’m almost at 53.000 words now and I know exactly what’s going to happen (lots of sex, basically) (just kidding), but I just couldn’t sit down any longer and write the scenes.

Before I started this crazy writing experiment, I would have been over the moon with a 4700 words day, and I’m certainly not displeased with the progress I made, but it just feels like the last few writing days have been much more tricky than the first.

That being said, my story did take me by surprise today. I’ve ventured off the plot I laid out in the beginning quite a bit (although the outcome will be the same, the route to The End is a bit different than I had first envisioned). Something came together in a way that I hadn’t expected and made me a little emotional. The main character is a writer and perhaps I put a bit more of myself in her than I wanted to. 😉

I would also like to clearly state that this is just first draft writing. The manuscript will need quite a bit of work before it’s ready to be edited (or even be sent to my Dearly Beloved Beta-Reader.) What I’m mainly trying to accomplish by writing so quickly is a sense of freedom and an easy way into ‘the zone’. Shut off the critical brain and just let the fingers on the keyboard do the work.

Anyway, my schedule doesn’t allow for a lot more goofing around and I WILL NEED TO FINISH TOMORROW (all caps as a reminder to myself.) 😉

Screen Shot 2015-05-19 at 5.48.13 pmNo lunch break allowed tomorrow! 😉

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