Call For Submissions: From Top To Bottom


When I first started writing erotica I would never have dreamed I’d one day be editing an anthology like this. But, as it seems, my preferences have shifted somewhat and I’m so very excited about this project.

I actually had the idea a few weeks ago while reading submissions for the ‘Summer Love’ anthology I’m editing together with my wife. One of the stories had some seriously hot BDSM going on and I enjoyed it so much that I started believing we needed an entire book full of these kind of stories.

So, authors: time to submit to me! (Yes, I’ve been dying to say that for a long time!) 😉 Send me your kinkiest stories. No need to hold back. All details below. (And just as a friendly reminder: I have rejected promising stories for anthologies because of extremely poor editing. Before sending me your story, please, pretty please, read it again and have someone else read it as well! Making the effort to present yourself well pays off.)

From Top To Bottom: Lesbian Erotica Stories of Dominance and Submission (working title)

Editor: Harper Bliss

Publisher: Ladylit Publishing

Deadline: 1 November 2015 (earlier submissions preferred)

Payment: US$50.00 plus a free e-book of the anthology in each format (epub, mobi, pdf)
Rights: First worldwide digital and print rights

I am looking for sexy, well-written lesbian erotica stories with a clear power dynamic. Your story should feature kinky sex between two or more women, from bondage scenarios to power play to role play to sadism and masochism. I want characters with a range of age, race and sexual experience. I welcome both stories from the dominant and the submissive’s point of view. Dommes are not required to be perfect—show me their flaws and vulnerabilities!—and subs shouldn’t be pushovers. Show me what makes your characters tick. I’m not that interested in stories of extreme humiliation, but welcome stories where pain is pleasure and vice versa. Give me a good spanking. Handcuffs. A nicely cracking whip. A top who knows what she’s doing and a bottom who’s not afraid of some unexpected pain. Surprise me with your sadism, and with how your sub can only truly take it because of the deep emotional connection with the one she must surrender to.

Stories should have a unique voice, strong characters, tension, and rising action. All characters must be over 18.

Please note the usual no-nos apply: no incest / underage sex / rape / necrophilia / bestiality. No poetry please.

Preferred length: 3000 – 6000 words

Unpublished stories only.

US English. Please submit a double-spaced Microsoft Word document, using a 12-point serif font, such as Georgia or Times New Roman. One inch margins. If using a pen name, include both real and pen name on the manuscript.
Send your story as a .doc or .rtf file attachment to submissions at ladylit dot com. Please include ‘From Top To Bottom’ and your story title in the subject line.
In the body of the email please include your legal name, pen name (if applicable) and a short bio of no longer than 100 words written in 3rd person.

Established authors welcomed, newcomers encouraged. I look forward to reading your work.

All submissions acknowledged within 5 days and acceptances notified by 1 December 2015. The anthology will be released in January 2016.

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