Hump Day Hook: A Hard Day’s Work

A Hard Day's WorkAt last, a new release! 😉 A Hard Day’s Work will be available from all retailers next week. Meanwhile, here’s a little excerpt for this week’s Hump Day Hook to (hopefully) get you all hot and bothered. Also, if you’d like an ARC in return for an honest review on Amazon, send me an e-mail and we’ll arrange it.

It’s Friday so I’m dressed casually in a pair of dark, tight jeans and a sleeveless blouse. I make sure the blouse is neatly tucked into my trousers before knocking on Amanda’s door.

“Come in.” The different versions of this scenario that have played in my head are countless, but they always ended up with both of us half-naked on the floor. “Close the door behind you and take a seat.”

I’ve never had any reason to believe Amanda hates the other women on her team. Most of the rivalry between her and Ann takes place solely in Ann’s head, just as Kenneth’s firm belief that Amanda has a soft spot for him is merely a figment of his imagination.

I sit down in the chair opposite Amanda’s desk. She glances at a sheet of paper in her hands. I stop myself from tapping my fingers on the arm rest of the chair, but I can’t consciously slow down the mad pitter-patter of my heart.

Amanda wears a tight black blouse today—one of my favourites on her. It’s open at the throat and it’s hard to keep my eyes off the exquisite hollow of her neck.

“I only have one question for you.” Amanda leans back in her plush leather chair. It’s as if I can feel her glance move over the skin of my arms. She shoots me a quick smile before continuing. Moments alone with Amanda are so rare—I can count the times I’ve been alone with her in her office behind a closed door on the fingers of one hand—and the situation makes my stomach knot. I shuffle in my seat, expecting a query on why I handled a case a certain way or how I feel I fit into the team. “Why are you single?”

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  1. Loved “A Hard Day’s Work” so much so that it sent me on a mission of checking out all of Ms Harper Bliss’s work. If most are like this, they are blissful indeed.

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