August Alfresco: Summer Heat

August Alfresco

Anyone else feeling the summer heat? We’re having one hot weather warning after the other here in Hong Kong, with the occasional monsoon alert thrown in, it all makes for one moist summer. 😉

Today I’m treating you to an alfresco excerpt from my novelette Summer Heat. It’s the one in which Cat travels to Tuscany with her parents to recover from a bad break-up, only to find herself falling head-over-heels for a long-time family friend. As one would expect, things get raunchy… which makes this the perfect excerpt for August Alfresco!

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Summer Heat“Rough night, darling?” My mum pours me a cup of coffee and spoons in the exact amount of sugar I want without having to ask.

“My fault entirely, Helen.” Rose wears her poker face well. “I’m afraid I dragged young Cat to Fabio’s.”

“Ah,” dad chimes in. “No good can come of that.” If only he knew.

“Can we borrow your car this morning? We had to take a taxi back.” Rose seems to eat her eggs differently this morning, with much more lip and finger licking than I can bear.

“Very sensible.” Dad sports a neon yellow polo shirt today, making him look like an artificially enhanced lemon. “Of course. Helen and I were thinking of taking the bicycles out this afternoon.” My ears perk up at the prospect of my parents leaving the house. “Would you care to join us?”

Rose rubs her temples vigourously. “I do apologise for being a bad host. I think I’ll need an extended lie-down today.” No doubt, she means with me between her legs.

“Me too,” I concur. “That stuff he poured us was really vile.” I feel a tad sorry for them. They already spent the better part of yesterday alone and now we’re sending them off on their own again. We’ll need to find a balance for the rest of the week, but today the hunger for each other is too demanding. “I’ll prepare us a nice supper when you get back.” Already I feel as if I need to make amends.

After breakfast, Rose and I can’t make it to the car fast enough. I drive and she immediately puts her hand on my thigh, her fingertips zapping electricity through my flesh.

“Just so we’re clear.” A myriad of emotions crashes through my brain and I try to direct all my attention to driving. “They can never know about this.” Rose’s fingers dig into me, her nails scraping my skin. “They’ve accepted I’m a lesbian, but they would never understand this.”

“No one understands.” Her hand snakes under my shorts and I need to gasp for air. “Least of all me.” She retracts her fingers and places them chastely on my knee. “Let’s make a detour. Turn left there.”

She co-pilots me to the secluded spot where she made her first move yesterday. I salivate at the sight of it.

“I don’t think we have a blanket in this car.” I rush to the boot but all I find is a spare tire.

“We don’t need it.” She takes my hand. “Come on.”

The light falls differently on the grass before noon. The sweet scent of our surroundings and the vibrant green of it all unleashes a fresh wave of nostalgia from my soul. Or maybe it’s happiness.

She shoves me against one of the thick trees and peers into my eyes. “Let’s make a deal.”

I nod eagerly, impatient for what’s to come.

“Let’s not consider any consequences of our actions this week. Let’s just do what we want. We’ll worry about the rest later.” I admire Rose’s carefree spirit and I want nothing more than to go along with it, but again, it’s more complicated than that.

“We can try.” I curl my hands around her neck. “Are you going to kiss me today, or what?”

“I’ll do much more than that.”

I’ve always had a thing about kissing out in the fields. It makes it more visceral, more primitive, and so much more exciting. A light breeze whips up Rose’s hair, making her curls dance in the wind. I inhale the mossy scent of the valley and Rose’s fruity perfume. Even before her lips touch mine, I know I’m already soaking wet.

It’s a flashback to puberty when the only place I could make out with girls safely was hidden in a corner or stowed behind a tree. To revisit that sensation as an adult, to actively have to conceal this summer fling, is a potent aphrodisiac.

Rose trails her lips from my mouth to my neck and all I see when I open my eyes is a picture perfect landscape of blue and green irregularly bordered by her hair.

“Have you ever been naked against a tree?” she pants into my ear. “Because you’re about to be.” She hoists my top up and wastes no time yanking down the cups of my bra. My nipples firm in the midday breeze, pointing upwards to the climbing sun. Her lips nibble on my breasts before she drops to her knees and her tongue swirls around my belly button. I’m wearing shorts with an elastic waistband so all she has to does is give them a tug and they come off. I feel the hotness of her mouth through my panties, which must be drenched by now. One kiss is enough to set my blood on fire. She slides her hands under the fabric at the back and cups my buttocks. Her touch is electrifying and I’m glad I have the tree to balance myself against. She presses her mouth into me and finds my clit.

“I’ve been waiting for this,” she says. Suddenly, my undies are off and Rose’s hands fumble with them around my ankles. I spread my legs, the outside air tingling my swollen cunt. She licks me all the way up and down, her tongue wet and hot against me. My mouth stretches into a smile as the world around me tilts.

Rose’s nails dig into the back of my thighs as she buries her face deeper into me. She drives her tongue inside and the sensation, the pure emotion of standing in this field with an inescapable massive orgasm on the way, makes me tear up. I don’t care about Jenny anymore and, when push comes to shove, I couldn’t care less what my parents or anyone else may think. All that matters is this moment of joy I’m sharing with Rose.

She laps feverishly at my juices. My clit is rock hard as her tongue flicks over it, over the hub where all the nerve-endings in my body seem to collide.

I sink my hands into her hair, that golden-brown chestnut mane that flickers in the sunlight. Her curls swing from left to right as she licks me and I hold on to them.

“Oh yes.” I push her head into my pussy and her tongue writhes and nudges and I’m about to explode. Sparks course through my blood. I close my eyes and give in to the sensation, wave after wave of pleasure drowning me. I let go of her head as the final ripple shudders through me before sinking to the ground.

Rose drags the back of her hand over her mouth and smacks her lips together. “Amazing,” is all she says.

“Never too old to learn,” I say when I catch my breath. “Not bad for a first-timer.” I shoot her a tender grin. I would probably have come even if she’d only just looked at my clit.

“Giving a woman pleasure is so much more—” She hesitates for an instant, searching for the right word. “Overwhelming.”

“Speaking of pleasure.” I glance at the nearest tree. “I believe I owe you some.”

Rose has shifted backwards and green patches stain her pants where her knees bend. “You don’t owe me anything.” Her smile is warm and floors me again, so much so, in fact, that I’m already beginning to wonder what I will do when I leave and no longer have access to it. “But since you’re offering.” She checks her watch. “Not here though.” She stretches out her hands and we pull each other up. “However, I do believe we have a house at our disposal this afternoon.” She curls her arm around my shoulder and we walk back to the car like lovers holidaying in a sunny paradise.

I do hope you enjoyed that. 😉 All info on Summer Heat here >>

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  1. Wow! That was HOT! There is something about being outside in the open that is erotic. 😉
    Thanks for sharing!
    trb0917 at gmail dot com

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