NEW RELEASE: A Hard Day’s Work

A Hard Day's WorkAah, it’s been too long since I was able to type ‘New Release’ into the title field. But here we are, my brand new novelette A Hard Day’s Work is out today!

Since finishing the High Rise series I’ve written quite a few quick short stories, but I desperately wanted to get back to the feel of writing longer, standalone pieces like Summer Heat and Younger Than Yesterday. Novelettes are ideal because they’re short enough to keep the tension humming softly before it all explodes and long enough to tell a story.

The story in A Hard Day’s Work is all about Jo and her abs and biceps and the unexpected effect they seem to have on her hot boss Amanda. Admittedly, much of the plot line in this novelette hinges on biceps (is it any wonder I’m currently working on a mini-anthology with a sports theme?), but hey, if it has to hinge on something, it may as well be well-toned, slightly bulging, impressing lady biceps. (It also features a lusty run in the park, sweaty gym clothes and a soapy shower scene.)

Without further ado, here’s the official blurb:
Jo fancies her straight, married boss Amanda. She’s convinced her crush is a hopeless one, until a performance review changes everything.

And here are the download links:
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  1. Way to go Harper. As ever a great book. I love all your work.
    I will be watching out for future releases.

    Keep up with the good work.

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