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If you like my stories and you want to read all (thank you!) or at least a few of them, there are deals to be done. These are not summer deals or special deals, but stories permanently packed together to give you better value for money. I also want to clearly point out which of my titles do not contain new stories, as my aim for my readers is always full satisfaction and I wouldn’t want any of you to feel frustrated after buying one of my books!

The product pages for my books also always clearly state which stories are contained in that specific title, but I understand that in a frenzied status this can be easily missed. 😉

So, without further ado, here’s a list of my omnibi (granted, this blog post is really just an excuse to use that word.)

A Hotter State1. A Hotter State (Yes, this is also the name of Ladylit’s new imprint!)

Hired Help (single price: $2.99)
The Honeymoon (single price: $2.99)
Learning Curve (single price: $2.99)
New Girl (Free short story)

Omnibus price: $4.99

Money to be saved: $3.98


Endless Summer2. Endless Summer

Summer Heat (single price: $1.99)
Younger Than Yesterday (single price: $1.99)

Omnibus price: $2.99

Money to be saved: $0.99


Can't Get Enough3. Can’t Get Enough

A Hotter State (single price: $4.99)
Endless Summer (single price: $2.99)

Omnibus price: $6.99

Money to be saved: $0.99 (or $4.97 if you count all the single prices)


High Rise (The Complete Collection)4. High Rise (The Complete Collection)

Fool for Love (Free)
Undisclosed Desires (single price: $2.99)
No Ordinary Love (single price: $2.99)
Close Enough (single price: $2.99)

Omnibus price: $6.99

Money to be saved: $1.98


Girls Only Volume Two5. Girls Only Volume Two

Champagne (single price: $0.99)
Bar Service (single price: $0.99)
Fair & Square (single price: $0.99)
Personal Training (single price: $0.99)

Omnibus price: $2.99

Money to be saved: $0.97

When you count all of that together, that makes $8.91. I just thought you should know.

P.S. Of course, a very special, enormously warm THANK YOU goes out to my loyal readers who buy my single titles as they are released. I ♥ you!

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