New Release: Champagne

Champagne by Harper Bliss At last, I’ve finished Champagne! Champagne is a short story I started serialising for Six Sentence Sunday a few months ago, but the demise of SSS and me starting the High Rise Series put a stop to its progress.

I’m releasing it today as a $0.99 lesbian short.

Here’s the blurb:
When Amanda spots a woman sipping champagne by herself in a bar at the mall, she is inexplicably drawn to her. She gives in to her instincts and tries to seduce her.

Here’s an extract:

I didn’t know her name, we hadn’t even kissed, but she felt so incredibly close. I held her gaze while she explored beneath the flimsy fabric of my panties. My jeans gaped wide open around the movement of her finger. Her nail scraped my skin as her finger travelled lower.

I inched closer, wanting to lean in for a kiss, but she tilted her head back, indicating kissing was not part of the deal.

“I need to see your eyes,” she said and, just like that, her finger grazed my clit.

My breath stopped for an instant as desire crashed its way through my flesh. Was I supposed to just stand there and take it? I let my hands fall down next to her, holding on to the windowsill for support. Her finger slid lower and connected with my wetness. My nipples grazed the silk of her blouse. Her moist champagne breath landed on my skin. Her lips stretched into the widest smile as she entered me, as deep as she could with the first stroke.

“Ah.” I clenched my fingers around the wood of the windowsill. Her eyes were still locked on mine. They seemed much darker than the bright green I’d seen earlier. She couldn’t be much closer, yet she was so far away, so distant. It only made me wetter.

Her palm skated along my clit as she delved in and out of me. It was hardly a gentle motion and it surely lacked any kind of finesse, but finesse was the last thing on my mind. The build-up wasn’t happening in my panties, it was taking place in her eyes. They narrowed every time she slipped back in, the tiny crow’s feet around them deepening with effort.

And here are the download links:
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