Sneak Peek Sunday: Close Enough

Here’s yet another sneak peek from Close Enough (High Rise Novella Four). (It should be out in 2 weeks!)

“Come on.” Isabella tore her lips away from Nat’s and dragged her into the direction of the bedroom. They stood in front of the bed and Nat started to unbutton Isabella’s blouse. Nat was surely a very skilled lover, but she never showed much restraint. The languid speed at which she undressed Isabella, and how it stood in stark contrast to how she usually did it—rushed and insistent—made Isabella’s skin tingle.

Nat guided the blouse over Isabella’s shoulders and followed up with a soft peck just above her sternum. Her hands meandered to Isabella’s back, where they unclasped her bra. The eager look Nat shot Isabella’s bare breasts made her breath hitch in her throat. Nat brushed the meaty part of her thumbs over Isabella’s nipples and they stood to attention immediately, crinkling up under her able touch.

While her hands cupped Isabella’s breasts, thumbs still fondling, Nat nuzzled the delicate skin of Isabella’s neck. The soft nibbles of her lips transformed Isabella’s skin into a field of goosebumps. Nat’s hands trailed down, to the button of Isabella’s jeans, while her lips kept working on her neck, occasionally travelling up to her ear. With a quick flip, the button came undone and Nat lowered the zipper. Slowly, she let a finger slide under the waistband of Isabella’s panties. Not far, but enough to cause Isabella’s clit to throb with desire.

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