Hump Day Hook: No Ordinary Love

Here we go for another round of Hump Day Hook-ing. This one’s from No Ordinary Love, the third novella in my High Rise series. This excerpt continues where the one from this this Sneak Peek Sunday ended.

“That feels so good.” Alex’s voice was hoarse and muffled by the pillows, but still sent a pang of lust up Maddie’s core.

“And I’ve only just begun.” Maddie leaned her upper body over Alex, making sure her hard nipples brushed the skin of her back. She dug her fingers into Alex’s shoulders and rubbed them with gusto. She felt Alex relax under her hands. It wasn’t total submission yet, but that could wait until later.

With the side of her hands she rubbed along Alex’s spine, causing her to groan underneath her. Had she really expected to fall asleep with Maddie all over her? From the bottom of Alex’s back, Maddie made her way back up again, kneading the muscles she encountered as expertly as she could. She repeated the process until Alex alternated between purring and gasping for air. Then she zoned in on Alex’s behind.

Alex’s shoulders were Maddie’s favourite body part to feast her eyes on, but she couldn’t get enough of stroking that perfect behind, immaculately shaped from hours spent on the spin bike.

Maddie pressed her thumbs deep into the muscles of Alex’s bum, starting on the sides, but soon drifting more towards the middle, tapering down to that delicious curve where the bottom meets the thigh.

Maddie was so floored by the sensual image of Alex’s behind covered in glistening oil she had to clear her throat before she could speak. “Spread your legs for me, babe.”

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  1. Thanks for stopping by everyone! It’s cold outside so we need as much hotness inside as we can get! 😉

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