Sneak Peek Sunday: Close Enough

Here’s another sneak peek from Close Enough (High Rise Novella Four).

“Oh my god,” Isabella exclaimed. “I really thought I had seen it all.” Sweat dripped out of her hair and every muscle in her legs burned, but the view below her was staggering. Hong Kong stretched out panoramically in front of her. The tall buildings of the island to the left and the old airport to the right. In between a clear blue sky and green slopes tumbling down.

“See, now this is romantic,” Nat said. “You and me on top of this hill with this view. I’m fairly certain babies have been made here.”

Isabella giggled. A natural endorphin high pushed all negative feelings to the back of her brain. Alex and Maddie hadn’t reached the top yet and it was just the two of them. She inched closer to Nat, willing to forget and eager to touch.

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