Sneak Peek Sunday: No Ordinary Love

Here’s another sneak peek from No Ordinary Love (which you can still get for FREE until Tuesday!)

Maddie squirted some oil into her hand and warmed it between her palms. Alex looked as good as ready to doze off, but Maddie had other plans. Alex should know better by now than to offer her naked body on a silver platter like this and not be faced with consequences. Lust drummed in Maddie’s veins at the sight of Alex’s smooth shoulders, toned back, and perfectly arched bottom. What was a reconciliation without make up sex anyway? She’d taken her clothes off while Alex was already planted firmly on her belly, her head buried in the pillows. She’d start the massage with her hands, but planned to use other body parts to finish.

“Aah,” Alex moaned at the first contact of Maddie’s hand with the skin of her shoulders. Maddie let her fingers slide over them gently, as if reacquainting herself with Alex’s flesh.

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