BlisseKiss Chase: Undisclosed Desires

Blisse Kiss Chase

Undisclosed DesiresToday’s snog excerpt is a special one, because… you can win a prize! Read all about entering the contest at BlisseKiss.

I’m also giving away an ebook copy of Undisclosed Desires (High Rise Novella Two), from which the following lip-locking scene originates.

You can find more information on Undisclosed Desires here >>

Isabella adjusted her posture and swallowed before speaking. “I believe I may be falling for your charms.”

Butterflies rose in Nat’s stomach. She set her glass aside. “I’m fairly certain the feeling is entirely mutual.”

They both giggled like Hello Kitty girls.

“Are you going to kiss me or what?” Isabella got rid of her glass as well.

“Patience, Doc. You’ve waited this long.” If Nat inched any closer she’d be on top of Isabella—which wouldn’t be a bad place to be.

“True and I’ve run out of patience.” Isabella put one hand on Nat’s neck and drew her near. She brushed her lips against Nat’s lightly then retracted. “Before this goes any further.” She gave Nat a crooked smile. “You’re not the first woman I’ve kissed today, but the only one I’ve wanted to kiss for weeks.”

Then, at last, she surrendered. Their lips met and, instead of the usual frenzy taking over, that unstoppable drive to almost literally take the other, to pin them down and drive out her demons, Nat let herself drift off into the soft caresses of Isabella’s lips. She let them carry her to a place of gentle bliss she hadn’t visited in years.

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