Writing ‘Release The Stars’ – Day 5

While I would say that my #1 piece of advice to every writer is: Stay Off The Internet, Damn It! I have to admit that today I didn’t follow my own advice. I cracked around 10 and checked my e-mails and Twitter (and Facebook…)

Fortunately, a small fix was enough to get me going again and, although I felt from the very first second I sat down that it wouldn’t be another epic 7000 words day, I did manage to write 6000 words.

Because of not going all out (and sleeping a little longer this morning) I don’t feel as wiped out as I did yesterday at this time. I do feel the need to stress that not all writing days are equal. It’s definitely not all exhilaration and mental fist pumping and patting myself on the back for my amazing word count. Some days, it can be like that, but those days are not typical.

Most writing days are actually like today, slogging along, fighting the urge to go on the internet, and spending my breaks wondering if what I’m writing is not complete drivel. Hey, I never said a writer’s life was glamorous! 😉

Speaking of breaks. If you watch my numbers image, you may notice a returning pattern of quite a long lunch break. That’s because I have to watch The Voice while my wife is not home because she hates the show (sometimes I do wonder why we are married?!) 😉 I’m almost caught up with the current season. (Team Xtina all the way!)

So, today was not a stellar day, just a good, solid one (and those are the days that build a book.) Tomorrow I’m not writing. I’ll be in the office all day, editing and cover-designing, and basically bossing my wife around (this is a joke!) Then, at 5, my wife and I are being interviewed for a Hong Kong radio station about lesbian erotica… Which means that wine o’clock will have to start at 4! 😉 (The interview is not live. I’ll post a link when it’s available.)

I’ll be back on Friday!

Screen Shot 2015-05-06 at 5.47.31 pmI was never very good at Maths, but I do love these numbers…

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