Things I Did This Week #15

– Published Laila Blake‘s gorgeous novella Driftwood Deeds
– Followed Laila‘s blog tour here, here, here and here (Do check these out if you like smart observations about writing, erotica and BDSM.)
– Breezed through Write. Publish. Repeat. by Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant (Everyone even remotely interested in writing and/or publishing should read it. No arguments!)
– Got hooked on Danish political drama Borgen (Don’t you just love it when a strong female character gets to play the lead?)
– Unpacked some boxes, and then some more…
– Went to Ikea again (I believe a record has been broken) to buy more closets for all our stuff
– Decided to push the release date of Summer’s End back a week (I know, I know, this is becoming my most-postponed and blogged-about book, but with everything going on I just need a tiny bit more time.)
– Started gearing up for the release of A Christmas to Remember (Yes, that link means it’s on Amazon already… ;-o)
– Decided to start writing a brand new series (quite possibly set in Paris) as soon as Summer’s End is ready!
– Discarded the writing challenge I briefly mentioned in my previous list (because I want to get cracking on the new series first)
– Realised I change my mind a lot
– Released a boxed set which contains 7 of my novelettes for $3.99 (aka a 75% discount even if you received Hired Help for free after signing up to my mailing list!) (Only 2 days left!)
– Explained how to get everything I’ve ever written for less than $15
– Made this list

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