Anything She Wants #12: Alphas by Harper Bliss

Anything She WantsAnd… we’ve come to the last story in the collection, which is one of mine. The character in Alphas called Robin is inspired by Robin Wright’s character in House of Cards (yep, original name choice), who wears a lot of designer blouses ‘open at the throat’ (obviously). The story features office rivalry and spanking. And here’s a snippet:

Robin’s hair looks meticulous again. I wonder if she stops at the hairdresser every morning before work. It must be statistically impossible to have a good hair day every day of the week. Does it fall as gloriously on Sundays—

“Kate?” Bruce cocks up his eyebrows.

“Yes,” I say quickly, not having a clue what they’re discussing.

“You and Robin will work this case together.” He aligns the stack of papers in front of him without taking his eyes off me. He gives me a swift nod to indicate his word is final.

“Of course.” I hide behind my best poker face. The last time Robin and I tried a case together, I had to hit a punching bag for at least an hour every night to decompress. The woman is a delight to look at but a pain to work with. It’s obvious that she thinks having the cheekbones of an angel makes her the best lawyer in the firm.

I can’t stand her, but I can’t keep my eyes off her either. Every day she wears another pristinely starched designer blouse, open at the throat, and while I’m sure the direct view at the hollow of her neck influences some jury members, I wouldn’t exactly call it expertise.

“I look forward to it.” Robin shoots me a mechanical smile—she saves the heartwarming ones for court. Today’s blouse is baby blue, bringing out the clear colour of her eyes.

I vow to not let her boss me around this time. To not let her take control the way she always does.

“That’s settled then.” Bruce ends the staff meeting. Chairs scrape against the floor. I take a deep breath before standing up.

“My office in ten?” Robin asks. She towers over the table. I follow the line of her cleavage because it’s impossible not to. It doesn’t give anything away though. Robin is all about suggestion.

This marks the end of this blog series highlighting all the stories in Anything She Wants It was really fun for me to go back to each story and remember why I liked it so much. I do hope you give the anthology a try. And who knows, maybe there will be a Volume Two soon… 😉

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