Anything She Wants #5: Blurring the Boundary by Sarah Ellen

Have you ever dreamed that you were an actress in e.g. The Fall, playing opposite Gillian Anderson, and you have to play an intimate scene and things get seriously out of hand? No? Well, I have and that’s why I love Sarah Ellen’s story Blurring the Boundary in Anything She Wants. 😉

“Five minutes, Katherine,” a voice outside her trailer called.

“I’ll be there,” she responded.

She took several deep breaths and felt her anxiety begin to recede. “You can do this,” she told herself.

She met Alex on the set. They laughed together as they were each handed a robe and the flesh-colored panties.

“Sexy, eh?” Alex whispered.

They changed behind discreet screens and Katherine emerged feeling self-conscious. She made her way towards the enormous bed and climbed into it. Alex too hopped on, then settled beneath Katherine.

“Just remember, Katherine,” the director said, “don’t overdo the movement.”

“Do you know how many times he’s told me that?” Katherine asked.

“Well, here goes.” Alex grinned.

On cue, Alex began kissing her and Katherine’s resolve immediately started to crumble. The insistence of Alex’s prying tongue and the pink softness of her lips set her heart jumping. Her panties felt tight and constrained. She could feel the beginnings of moisture tracking its way down. The memory of Alex’s breasts and the sensation of her rigid nipples beneath her fingertips filled her mind. She wanted to explore them once more.

SARAH ELLEN lives in Bristol, England and has been previously published in Hot & Bothered: Short Short Fiction on Lesbian Desire, Island Girls Tropical Lesbian Erotica & Best lesbian Erotica 2011. She enjoys exploring the shameless freedom that writing erotica provides—a means of savouring exquisite affairs whilst remaining steadfastly faithful to her partner of 22 years.

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