Hump Day Hook: Wetter


This week’s Hump Day Hook is from my permanently FREE short story Wetter. I’m working hard on a brand new novelette at the moment. I hope to finish the first draft this week and have it ready for publication by mid August. Meanwhile, if you need a quick fix of f/f erotica, I would suggest you visit A Hotter State. 😉

The shower cubicles closed with glass shields from both sides and Toni left hers ajar, inspiring Rachel to do the same. She set the tab to cold and the water was a shock to her system. Her nipples jumped to attention and blood pulsed through her veins. It was nothing compared to the effect catching glimpses of a showering Toni had on her. A sizzling fire burned in Rachel’s belly. It was now or never. This kind of opportunity wouldn’t come knocking again anytime soon. Maybe the fuss Toni had made over her was a pure act of kindness or plain professional concern, but Rachel believed it left a lot of room for alternative interpretations. Either way, she had the dizzy card to play again.

She gaped at Toni through the crack in the shower doors, at the white foam sliding down her skin and caressing her taut muscles. Rachel had been vaguely aware of it before, but there was no more denying it now, something was throbbing between her legs and she had twenty minutes to do something about it. She wasn’t planning on doing it herself.

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