Hump Day Hook: Fool for Love

Fool for Love To celebrate that Fool for Love (High Rise Novella One) is free forever, this week’s Hump Day Hook is a snippet from Alex and Maddie’s story. If you like the hook, you might as well download Fool for Love for FREE! Enjoy! 😉

Alex took another gulp from her wine and braved Maddie’s stare. “Have you always wanted to be a banker?” This was not what she wanted to say. She really wanted to ask Maddie if she could kiss her—as if the question needed asking. Instead, she’d opted for caution.

Maddie shot her the most disarming smile ever, a smile so generous and warm, Alex had to suppress the urge to snuggle up to her and luxuriate in an embrace of those luscious arms. “Of course not. Who does?” Maddie put her hands on Alex’s knee, zapping sparks of electricity through the flesh beneath. “I wanted to be a vet, just like any other girl with lesbian tendencies in the Melbourne suburbs. When I was fourteen, I wanted to be a flying doctor for a while, but only because I had a crush on nurse Kate in the TV show.”

Alex allowed herself a silly chuckle. “You must think I’m terribly uptight.”

Maddie shook her head while digging her nails into Alex’s jeans. “The only thing I think is that you’ve been hurt. Anyway, you must think I’m quite the floozy.”

“Floozy?” Alex suppressed a fit of giggles. “Yeah, that about sums it up. A banker floozy with a seriously deranged moral compass.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Alex adored Maddie’s self-deprecating sense of humour. “Now.” Maddie leaned a little closer and put her wine glass on the table. “This floozy would really like to kiss those uptight lips of yours.” Maddie took Alex’s glass from her hand and put it away. “No tongue, I promise.”

“That’s about the most romantic proposal I’ve ever had.”

“I thought so.” Maddie slanted her head sideways as she inched closer. Alex smelled wine and that expensive banker perfume she remembered—often and usually when alone in bed—from the evening on Isabella’s roof top. Maddie’s lips tasted salty and promising. She brought her hand to Alex’s neck and softly dug her fingertips into her muscles while parting her lips. Slowly, she trailed her tongue over Alex’s lips. Alex immediately reciprocated by opening her mouth and allowing Maddie’s tongue to slip in.

Alex’s blood hammered in her veins as Maddie sank her teeth into her bottom lip before sucking it into her mouth. Alex grabbed Maddie’s head and pulled her closer. She ran her fingers through Maddie’s hair to keep them from exploring anywhere else—somewhere with a point of no return.

When Maddie eased her head back, a big smile etched around the corners of her mouth, Alex yanked it back towards her immediately. Maddie brought her lips close to Alex’s ear.

“Don’t you want me to stop?” She finished her question with a peck on Alex’s ear lobe, soft, but enough to set Alex’s flesh on fire again.

“God no,” Alex moaned. Maddie’s lips travelled along her neck, tracing a moist path of kisses on the way to her clavicle. “Kissing is perfectly acceptable on the first date.”

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