New Release: Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies is out today and my story Stair Walking appears in this mixed F/F and M/M anthology (mine is F/F, of course. ;-p)

Here’s the official blurb

Ah, the allure of the office romance. The sly smiles across the room as you wonder if anyone else knows. The danger of being caught by the boss. The thrill of those stolen moments in the copy room or supply closet. It’s this feeling that we’ve condensed, distilled, and captured in the short shorts of Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies. We’ve compiled thirteen brief tales of men and women getting it on with a co-worker or a boss in a steamy office romance.

Some of them are established and have been sneaking around the office for some time, like Lori Hunt and her P.A. Ms. Lovell in She’s the Boss or Tom and Neal in Personal Assistance. Others, like The New Guy’s Greg and Eli or the awkwardly-named Rebecca A. and Rebecca B. from Tele-Romance are just beginning to experience the allure that can come from keeping the secret. Nor are such trysts confined to the office itself, spilling out into stairwells, copy rooms, gyms, and even computer server rooms. Whatever the case, though, they’re sure to arouse your imagination, and maybe even leave you looking at your own co-workers a little bit… differently.

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies includes:
Skype Wars by Rob Rosen
Hands On by K. Piet
One Week by L. Alonso Corona
Working Lunch by Ann Anderson
Personal Assistance by K. Lynn
She’s the Boss by Angel Propps
The New Guy by John Amory
Stair Walking by Harper Bliss
1-888-BOREDOM by Raven de Hart
Fair Play by Anna Hedley
His Nonexistent Coffee Break by Lor Rose
Tele-Romance by Erik Moore
Three Strikes by Piper Vaughn

My story Stair Walking is about two female co-workers who get it on in the stairwell. Well, of course, it’s a bit more complicated than that (and one of the characters is based on a real life colleague from my very first job. Just the character though, nothing else!) As usual in my short stories there is some fem dom going on. And that stairwell with the flickering light is definitely a good spot for some office hanky panky! 😉

Here’s an excerpt:

We descended in silence, the only sound the ticking of my heels on the concrete stairs. Click-clack, they went, ominous sounds in the darkness. Click-clack—the same rhythm as the throbbing between my legs.

When we reached the half-lit area of the stairwell, the one where she’d cornered me a few weeks earlier, she stopped dead in her tracks. She dropped her bag to the floor and crossed her arms in front of her chest. Her V-neck was orange, the blouse underneath pitch black.

“I know why you followed me in here that day.” Her voice was lower than usual and a little alcohol-soaked.

“Oh, yeah?” I leaned against the wall, acutely aware of the moist goings-on underneath the carefully ironed fabric of my skirt.

“I could practically smell it on you.” She took a step closer. “Like a bitch in heat.” I inhaled the wine on her breath.

“Why am I here, then?” The lamp blinked above us, erasing our presence for a split second.

“As if you don’t know.” Slowly, she let her jacket slip off her arms. It fell to the ground with a rustling whisper.

Of course I knew. I just hadn’t expected it. The sudden authority in her voice set my blood on fire, driving it, beat by beat, to my pulsing pussy lips. In response, I locked my eyes with her blazing brown ones and bit my bottom lip. As a yes, it would suffice.

“Unbutton your blouse,” she commanded. I had known it would be this way. I had seen it in her glance that day I craned my head around the door frame of her office. I’d deducted it from the aura of controlled silence in which she wrapped herself. The quiet ones always know best.

Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies is available as e-book and paperback from Storm Moon Press. You can also get it from All Romance eBooks. Enjoy!

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