Hump Day Hook: Summer Heat

To celebrate that later this week Summer Heat will be released in Portuguese, today’s hook is from Calor de Verão (doesn’t it sound extra sexy in another language?) I still have such a soft spot for Cat and Rose and I will write that sequel one day. This is an alfresco snippet that takes place against a tree. Enjoy!

“I don’t think we have a blanket in this car.” I rush to the boot but all I find is a spare tire.

“We don’t need it.” She takes my hand. “Come on.”

The light falls differently on the grass before noon. The sweet scent of our surroundings and the vibrant green of it all unleashes a fresh wave of nostalgia from my soul. Or maybe it’s happiness.

She shoves me against one of the thick trees and peers into my eyes. “Let’s make a deal.”

I nod eagerly, impatient for what’s to come.

“Let’s not consider any consequences of our actions this week. Let’s just do what we want. We’ll worry about the rest later.” I admire Rose’s carefree spirit and I want nothing more than to go along with it, but again, it’s more complicated than that.

“We can try.” I curl my hands around her neck. “Are you going to kiss me today, or what?”

“I’ll do much more than that.”

I’ve always had a thing about kissing out in the fields. It makes it more visceral, more primitive, and so much more exciting. A light breeze whips up Rose’s hair, making her curls dance in the wind. I inhale the mossy scent of the valley and Rose’s fruity perfume. Even before her lips touch mine, I know I’m already soaking wet.

It’s a flashback to puberty when the only place I could make out with girls safely was hidden in a corner or stowed behind a tree. To revisit that sensation as an adult, to actively have to conceal this summer fling, is a potent aphrodisiac.

Rose trails her lips from my mouth to my neck and all I see when I open my eyes is a picture perfect landscape of blue and green irregularly bordered by her hair.

“Have you ever been naked against a tree?” she pants into my ear. “Because you’re about to be.”

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