Sexy Snippet Sunday: No Ordinary Love

High Rise Novella Three & Four To highlight that you can also get No Ordinary Love and Close Enough bundled together for a smarter price in the second High Rise omnibus, this very first Sexy Snippet is from High Rise Novella Three (No Ordinary Love).



“Please tell me it’s Sunday.” Maddie opened her eyes and arched her back while stretching out her limbs.

Alex nodded while letting her drifting hand disappear under the covers. She traced two fingers over Maddie’s lower abdomen.

“Does this morning assault on my privates mean we’re back together?” Maddie caught Alex’s fingers in her palm and held her gaze.

“If you’ll still have me now that you know I’m damaged goods.” Alex held her breath.

“As if that was ever up to me.” Maddie pushed Alex’s hand down into her pubic hair. “And anyway, I’ll still want you when your spectacular abs have turned to flab and your hair has gone grey.”

Maddie was right. The choice had been up to Alex and she had chosen.

“How dare you suggest I’ll someday live without a six pack. I might as well be dead.” Alex dipped one finger between Maddie’s legs and wondered if the woman was ever not wet and ready to go when she was in her company.

“Music to my ears, babe.” Maddie’s voice shifted to ragged whispers as Alex started circling a finger around her clit. She threw her head back into the pillows and let go of Alex’s hand. “Let me feel them.”

Maddie brought her hand to Alex’s belly and scratched her skin lightly before digging her nails in. In reaction, Alex pushed a finger inside Maddie.

“Mmm,” Maddie moaned and snuck her hand up to Alex’s chest until it cupped her breast.

Alex moved her finger and being inside Maddie moistened her thighs. Heat pulsed between her legs. It wasn’t enough anymore to just feel Maddie’s hand on her breast. She needed more. As if she had to make up for fleeing.

Slowly, she let her finger slip out of Maddie. She kissed Maddie below the belly button before pushing herself up, twisting on her knees until her back faced Maddie, and spread her legs to straddle her.

Alex had barely found her balance when she felt Maddie’s nails dig into the skin of her behind.

“Sunday brunch,” Maddie said, “my favourite meal of the week.”

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