Hump Day Hook: Undisclosed Desires

I fully realise I’ve been missing in blog action. These are the last days of my month-long visit to the motherland and in between freezing my bits off, emptying my mother-in-law’s house and spending as much quality time as possible with my 9-month-old nephew, I duly confess, my time for blogging has suffered. I should be back in full force (minus a massive case of jet lag) next week (and I have a few goodies in store!) Meanwhile, let’s get back to today’s business: humping!

In today’s hook we visit Nat and Isabella, the odd couple from Undislcosed Desires and Close Enough. This scene is from Undisclosed Desires and is set just after they have, at last, disclosed their desire for each other. 😉

“I think it’s only fair I shower first before inviting you into my boudoir.” Isabella needed to wash the day—and Sophie—off her.

“I hope that’s an invitation.” Nat responded by pulling her t-shirt over her head.

A tingle crept up Isabella’s spine. “I can hardly leave you alone with my Scotch collection.” Nat stood in front of her, with only a bra covering her breasts and her hands on her hips. Isabella reached for her, hooked three fingers in the waistband of her jeans and pulled her close. She dragged her nails over Nat’s naked skin while finding her lips. If they didn’t make it to the shower soon she’d be a lost cause. “Come on.”

They left a trail of discarded clothes on their way to the bathroom. Isabella hesitated to take her underwear off. Gym sessions and subsequent locker room encounters aside, she hadn’t taken it all off for someone in a long time.

Lust brimmed in Nat’s eyes as she took the final step towards Isabella. She curled a hand around Isabella’s neck and drew her in for another kiss, while her other hand crept up her back and, with one quick snap of the fingers, undid her bra. Years of practice, Isabella guessed, but abandoned the thought as soon as the back of Nat’s hand flitted along the side of her left breast.

Isabella stepped out of her panties and opened the glass door of the walk-in shower. She turned the tab to steamy hot, eager for some clouds of fog to rise between them now that the differences between a late forty-year-old and an early thirty-year-old body became clear.

The skin that stretched tautly over Nat’s abs glistened as the first drops of water rained down on her and Isabella had to question her motives again. Was this more than a subconscious desire to flirt with youth now she was approaching fifty? Nat didn’t give her time to process. She pressed her against the tiled shower wall, taking control, no doubt because that’s what she always did. Isabella would let her for now, but she had other plans for later.

“I believe someone needs a thorough scrub.” Nat’s words were hot in her ear, her fingers gripping her waist. She reached for the soap while pushing her pelvis into Isabella’s, the crash of skin on skin swirling through Isabella’s bones the way steam was slowly swirling toward the ceiling—moist and lingering.

While rubbing the soap to white foam between her hands, Nat pinned her eyes on Isabella, her crooked grin baring more teeth than usual. Her dark hair clung to her forehead in short wet strands, drops of water streaming down her face. A sight so sexy Isabella was glad she had the support of the wall against her back.

Nat brought her hands to Isabella’s shoulders and started applying the bubbly soap in downward circles. Isabella’s skin turned to gooseflesh under Nat’s prolonged caresses. Her nipples puckered up as Nat’s hands zoned in. The circles reached her breasts and Isabella became acutely aware of not just the wetness surrounding her, but, even more so, the juices drizzling from between her legs.

When Nat’s fingers encircled her nipples, both of them at the same time being stroked to rock hard peaks, a deep throaty moan escaped her. Nat’s breath came quicker as well, short puffs of air floating between them. Their lips, slippery and wet, found each other again and just as Nat bit down on Isabella’s bottom lip she pinched both her nipples between soapy fingers.

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