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Learning CurveIf you haven’t read Learning Curve yet, here’s your chance to get a free copy. Learning Curve will be free on Amazon US and Amazon UK as of right now until Friday 14 December (3 days in total).

Learning Curve was the first more romantic story I wrote (although I’ve gotten much more romantic since then.) The character Giselle was inspired by all of these pictures of Gisele Bündchen. Yes, all of them… well, I needed an excuse to inspect all of them in detail. As you can see, the process of naming my characters is a very complex one, and I take it extremely seriously. (I added an ‘L’ though, but it was purely accidental.) 😉

Here’s the blurb:
Ada’s company relocated her to Berlin, provided that she’d take an intensive course in German. It proves to be a steep learning curve, until her teacher Giselle implements some alternative educational methods.

And here are the download links again:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

And here are two pictures of Gisele Bündchen, just because…

Gisele BündchenWho needs a Christmas tree when you can have a cardboard cut-out made out of this?

Gisele BündchenGisele in a blazer and jeans… any lesbian’s wet dream come true.

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  1. I love your writing. Water’s Edge was so painful for me and beautiful. What I also love is how you and a few other authors address older lesbians, and how pur body changes. I would live to see more of that, like the Love We Make and the off shoots. I have unwittingly become a huge fan of your writing and fabulous story telling!

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