Hotties: Monica Raymund

Chicago Fire may well be my favourite new US network show. It has prime time melodrama written all over it, but hey, when it comes to TV, I allow myself a lot of guilty pleasures. And it does help that Monica Raymund is in uniform in every single episode. I liked her in Lie To Me (another guilty pleasure), but those pencil skirts and uptight blouses weren’t really working in her favour. I, of course, loved her in The Good Wife when she tried to pull one over on Kalinda (but no one messes with Kalinda). And I absolutely adore her in Chicago Fire. I pray the show will have a long run and EMT Dawson and her uniform (and her lesbian colleague) will grace my screen for many TV seasons to come.

Monica RaymundAn EMT doesn’t smile very often.

Monica RaymundOh Monica, you make me want to ride my bike now.

Monica RaymundAs ASA Dana in The Good Wife. Hard to resist, even for Kalinda.

Monica RaymundAnother kind of uniform, still cute though.

Monica RaymundDon’t worry Monica, as long as you wear your uniform everything will be all right.

Monica Raymund

Be careful Monica, Kalinda has a bat… and a gun.

P.S. For all the people landing on this page after searching for ‘Monica Raymund Lesbian’… I feel your pain, but I fear the worst.

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