Things I did this week #7

– Attended Hong Kong’s only music festival Clockenflap (where I’m from we have a dozen every weekend in summer)
– Was amazed by the general well-behavedness of people at music festivals in Hong Kong
– Was impressed by !!! (the band) and Bastille (check this, it’s awesome)
– Thoroughly enjoyed De La Soul’s swag
– Was less impressed by the organisers (inspired by the police, of course) cutting off Tiga mid-set because it was ‘ten o’clock on a Sunday night’
– Drank beer from pitchers (and regretted it the day after)
– Drank Heineken at the festival after party (where I’m from, drinking Heineken is considered a cardinal sin—still repenting, but it was the only beer in the club)
– Danced more in one day than I did in the previous three months combined
– Revised, revised, revised and… revised Undisclosed Desires some more (almost ready for beta-readers)
– Watched Cloudburst at the local LGBT film festival and was riveted by the amount of swearing Olympia Dukakis’s character Stella engaged in (great movie, btw!)
– Added a strap-on scene to Undisclosed Desires (the wife insisted)
Indulged in fantasies Blogged about Monica Raymund
– Discovered that living within walking distance of Ikea is not good for a person’s sanity
– Made this list

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