My top 10 stories in Girl Fever

Girl Fever I really enjoyed this flash fiction anthology. Because the 69 stories were so short it seemed to be never-ending (in a good way). Another advantage of having so many stories in one book is the amazing variety on display. You know how the saying goes… ‘there’s something for everyone’. Well, there are multiple somethings for everyone here.

The reason why I decided to put together a top 10 is because (I really like lists) when I started reading what would later wind up as my favourite story, I sighed with desperation at the science fiction genre and space craft setting. But the beauty of this book, apart from the array of styles and genres it assembles, is in the length of the stories. Maybe, if the space story had been more than (approximately) 1000 words, I would have moved on (time is precious and there is so much to read, you know). But because I knew that it would only take five minutes, I continued and I was so amazed by its humour and sexy plot twists.

Obviously we all have different tastes and I like some stories better than others. This top 10 is merely meant to be a list of ten good reasons why you should read this book (apart from the fact that it’s really hot).

1. Oh Captain, My Captain by Cha Cha White
This is the story I referred to earlier. I couldn’t stop grinning after reading it. Apart from being well-written, it’s hilarious, sexy and has an authority figure melting at the tongue of a subordinate (and that always does it for me.)

2. Freeway Falling by Cal Gimpelevich
I love the staccato writing in this one and the urgency it creates. The setting (in a car on the freeway) is evoked expertly and, most importantly, the sex is hot.

3. Caramel by Louise Blaydon
Short, fluid, poetic and excellent.

4. Submission Letter by Tara Young
The title says it all.

5. Heat Lightning by Sommer Marsden
My kind of story. Eloquent, romantic and hot.

6. I Wish I Knew You by Cheyenne Blue
A woman married to a republican watches her lesbian neighbours go at it from the breakfast table. Very dramatic.

7. Ignition switch by Delilah Devlin
That’s what friends are for. 

8. Breathless by Ariel Graham
Two women bump into each other while running. Sexy stuff ensues. Hot and, in some way, very recognisable.

9. Lure by Nikki Magennis
I adore the writing in this one. Why? Here’s an example that makes me swoon. “We hid indoors for two days, pecking inquisitively, opening each other up and looking inside.”

10. Love Las Muertas by Kirsty Logan
Erotic romance excellence in 1000 words

Honourable mention to Season Finale by Lea Meadows because any story (kind of) featuring Detective Olivia Benson is obviously brilliant.

Girl Fever is published by Cleis Press and edited by Sacchi Green

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