Writing ‘Seasons Of Love’ – Mission Aborted

I’ve decided to not write another book in ten days and have therefore postponed writing the first draft of Seasons Of Love. I did this for several reasons, the main ones being:

– There are 14 work days left before we leave for Belgium. If I use 10 of those for writing this book, that leaves me only 4 days for all my other work, including 1 day to move the Ladylit office from the city to the island. And, yes, there are 2 weekends left, but they are reserved for 1) celebrating my birthday, 2) putting together a top secret surprise present for my wife’s 40th birthday, 3) having a life. Four days is, quite simply, not enough.

– My writer’s fuel tank hasn’t been replenished yet. I started Release The Stars not long after finishing Once In A Lifetime, and I poured a lot of emotions into those two books. As much as I regret having to come to this conclusion: I need a break before I can do it again.

– The first part of Seasons Of Love is actually set in my holiday destination: Algarve, Portugal. I’ll be spending a week there at the end of June and instead of relying on Google Images and such, I concluded it would be so much better to be there, soak up the sunny (cougar-y) atmosphere, and then write the book.

– I have a shitload of work to do before we leave. Finalize Once In A Lifetime. Publish and promote Summer Love, the lesbian romance anthology I’m co-editing with my wife. Move our office. Freeing up my schedule will also allow me to make the Harper Bliss and Ladylit websites mobile responsive and give them the overhaul they’ve needed for a while.

So, for now, this mission has been aborted. It’s definitely not been canceled, just postponed. I’ll keep you posted.

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