Writing ‘Seasons Of Love’ – Day 1

Well… I did start, but I didn’t get very far. As much as I wanted to just jump from one book to the next, apparently it doesn’t work that way. I felt it as soon as I opened my eyes. I was actually nervous to start this book. I have many emotions when starting on a new story (of any length), but stress and anxiety usually aren’t among them.

I had trouble with everything, but mainly with staying off the internet (which is usually a sign that it won’t be a stellar day for writing.) I also had problems switching from 3rd person POV past tense (which I used for Release The Stars) to 1st person POV present tense. I tried, because, despite the nerves and the not-really-feeling-it, I am very excited about this story, but some days it just doesn’t happen.

I did manage to somehow ‘bang out’ (that’s how I call it) 3000 words, so today was not a total loss. (And lest you think all I did with the rest of my day was watch The Voice, there’s always plenty of publishing stuff to do for Ladylit… I did however watch The Voice finale (on fast forward because who needs to see more white dudes sing?) during my lunch break. My favorite part was when Christina impersonated Britney, Lady Gaga & Cher. Respect!) (My favorite contestant didn’t win, though… they never do.)

So, back on track with this blog post… I decided to scrap tomorrow’s writing day from my schedule as well, and start again on Tuesday, when I’ve at least had a few more days to put Release The Stars behind me. As much as I would like to be a ‘book machine’ at times, I’m just a writer of flesh and blood (and many many feelings.)

But, I do already have a proper title for this new book: Seasons Of Love. Props to my wife who came up with it when we had a little brainstorm over lunch yesterday. The book deals with a May/December relationship, so the word ‘Seasons’ in the title is a reference to that.

What I also have, is the cover for Once in a Lifetime! Again, props to my wife, who made it. I love it so much.

Once in a LifetimeThat scarf on the model’s body isn’t there just for show!

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 4.58.06 pmI guess that 0 in the ‘Words Start’ column was too daunting…

For this book, I’m going to keep a proper tally, so you can easily follow along.

The numbers:
Day 1: 3000 words
Total: 3.000 words

I should be back on Tuesday! Have a great weekend.

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