Writing ‘Release The Stars’ – Day 1

So, as promised I will be keeping a public diary of writing the first draft of my new novel, first dubbed ‘The Hollywood Novel’, but now (tentatively) titled Release The Stars.

I was awake at 5.30 this morning because I was so excited to start I couldn’t sleep anymore. This story has been brewing in my mind for a very very long time so to say I was raring to go would be an understatement. After showering etc. I was in front of my computer and ready to go at 7AM.

Things got off to an excellent start as I reached the 5000 words mark before 11AM. I was so pumped by then, I felt almost physically high. It’s such a rush to be in the zone and to feel as though your fingers can’t keep up with your thoughts. (I don’t mean that in a dirty way!)

I took a long lunch break because we’re looking for a new Ladylit office and we had a few viewings planned.

After lunch, I managed 3 more writing sessions of 30 minutes and brought my total word count for the day to 7.500 words. My goal for the first day was 6000 words, so needless to say I’m very pleased with myself.

If you’re into numbers, you’ll find the break-down of my 9 writing sessions in the image below.

Admittedly, my brain is completely fried right now and I had to push myself to write this blog post. All I’m good for now is a quick swim in the ocean and an extensive lie-down in my sofa.

I won’t be writing tomorrow (so I won’t be blogging either) because I have a bunch of Ladylit/publishing tasks to complete, but I should be back on Friday.

Screen Shot 2015-04-29 at 5.13.49 pm(I can’t even come up with a witty caption for this image anymore…)

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