Girls in Love by Laila Blake

Girls in LoveThe first time I read a Laila Blake story was when I was going through submissions for Anything She Wants. Obviously, Laila’s story ‘The Corner Chair’ made it into the anthology effortlessly. I was instantly captivated by her poetic prose and thoroughly impressed by the sheer talent she displayed, even in a story of a mere 4000 words.

I’ve worked with Laila many times since then, and she has never failed to produce work of the highest standard. Every time I have the pleasure of reading a brand new Laila Blake story, it’s such a joy, and I remain as impressed as ever, often shaking my head in disbelief and muttering to my wife, “Damn, she’s so good.”

Today, I’m extremely chuffed to present to you Laila’s first mini-anthology Girls in Love, published by Ladylit. It contains five delicious, gorgeously written lesbian erotica tales, nicely bundled together for your reading pleasure.

Here’s the blurb
Childhood friends turn lovers in a snowy cabin, a student seduces her teacher in her own class room, and together two women overcome the prejudice of her family once and for all. These five lesbian erotica stories by Laila Blake are about laughter, kink and above all: about Girls in Love.

Table of contents
Bird of the Summer (*)
Midnight Clear (*)
Doll-faced Demons
The Corner Chair (*)

(*) These stories have previously appeared in Ladylit books.

And it’s available from these retailers
Direct from Ladylit
Amazon US
Amazon UK
Amazon CA
Amazon DE
Amazon AUS
All Romance
iTunes US
iTunes UK

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Happy weekend!

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