French Kissing: Episode Four

French Kissing: Episode Four French Kissing: Episode Four IS finished (thank you for your patience!) I’ve just sent it to our distributor… who is located in the UK where today is a bank holiday. This means that Episode Four won’t be on Amazon until next week, but, if you want it for the long weekend, you can already get it from the retailers listed below! (And here is some handy information on how to get books not purchased from Amazon on your Kindle >>)

Here’s the short blurb, for the long (not entirely spoiler-free) one, click through here >>

In Episode Four of French Kissing relationships get tested, old lovers return and a birthday party turns out to be quite the game-changer.

French Kissing: Episode Four is currently available from these retailers, more will follow soon:
Direct from author
All Romance

As I mentioned before, if you’ve purchased the first four episodes, I will send you the boxed set for free. Next week I’ll publish a detailed blog post on how to go about sending me your proof of purchase etc.

Happy Easter (weekend) and, once again, sorry for the delay! (Episode Five is progressing according to plan though, and proving to be extremely naughty…) 😉

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