Sunday Snog: Summer’s End

Sunday Snog

It’s been too long since I posted a Sunday Snog, but to celebrate the start of Smutmas: A Year of Smut I will happily try to get back into an old habit. This snog is from Summer’s End, my latest release. Happy snogging!

Emily backed up against the book shelves, the wood prodding her ribcage. Not because she was afraid or hesitant, but because she wanted to lengthen the moment in which Marianne came for her. She never wanted to forget the look on her face, the mixture of need, caution, and relief.

“You don’t strike me as having doubts about this, but I need to ask, okay?” Marianne’s voice had dropped a register or two. “Are you sure?”

Emily bit her lip and nodded. She lifted her hands to Marianne’s arms and pulled her close. “God yes,” she whispered before pressing her lips against Marianne’s.

Instantly, she was lost in the softness of kissing another woman. The utter unexpectedness of it, and the way a simple kiss seemed to change something inside of her, settling in the pit of her stomach and sizzling in her blood.

The kiss grew from tentative to intense rapidly and Emily felt Marianne’s body crash against her, forcing her ribs to push harder against the shelves. How fitting, she thought, considering the content of the books behind her.

And how glorious it was to feel a woman’s breasts rub against hers, to feel her nipples perk up against her flesh. The softness of Marianne’s tongue was unlike anything else she’d ever felt. She had tried to imagine it, of course, but her imagination, as it turned out, had been sorely lacking.

Marianne’s tongue swirled inside of Emily’s mouth with a passion and urgency she had rarely come across in her life. As if she sensed she was getting too lost in the kiss, Marianne pulled back slightly, ending it with a tender peck.

“Good god,” she exhaled more than said. “I, uh, I’m not sure…”

Emily could feel her drift off into that dark space she’d slipped off to last night and, as if it was the only antidote, placed her hands on Marianne’s neck and drew her near.

“Please.” Emily looked straight into her eyes. “Don’t run.” She had to swallow. “Stay.”

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