My Ten Day Challenge – Day 11

Last night, after I published my blog post, we got a call from our real estate agent to ask if we were available to check out a brand-new-on-the-market flat in the building next to ours. We were the first people to see it, we loved it, we said we wanted it and this morning we signed the lease. That’s how fast things happen in this city. So, in the course of 24 hours we found and secured office space and a new flat. My brain can hardly process.

Because I knew the rest of the day would be a bit crazy, I got up early this morning and started writing at 8 a.m. I managed 2000 words before we had to leave to meet our real estate agent. I’m nearing the end now, but I will have to rewrite and add some scenes in the beginning. I do like this routine of reaching a decent word count before lunch and then clearing my head by doing other things in the afternoon.

Then, after lunch, for some reason I became obsessed with boxed sets. Check the Amazon top 100 and it’s full of them. So, I decided I wanted my own boxed set. I’m a writer and my brain does not work in 3D, but I then became obsessed with making a 3D book cover boxed set of the 7 novelettes I currently have out. I will reveal the result soon, but I did get great satisfaction out of successfully creating ‘A Super Sexy Lesbian Romance Boxed Set’. 😉

Currently, my eyes are killing me and I will need to step away from the computer shortly. We’re going out to celebrate the double lease signing and I may not check in tomorrow as I have out-of-the-house things to do most of the day. (And on Saturday we’re ‘celebrating’ Hong Kong Pride.)

Our new office 'before'This is our new office with nothing inside.
I’ll post an ‘after’ shot when we’ve decorated it.

P.S. Are my blog posts less bitter now that my Mrs is back? 😉

The numbers:
Day 1: 1000 words
Day 2: 3600 words
Day 3: 2400 words
Day 4: 0 words
Day 5: 6000 words
Day 6: 5000 words
Day 7: 4500 words
Day 8: 4300 words
Day 9: 1700 words
Day 10: 2500 words
Day 11: 2000 words
Total: 33.000 words

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