My Ten Day Challenge – Day 8

One night maybe a year ago I was at a gay bar and I started chatting to a random guy and the conversation landed on The Voice (as conversations in gay bars do). I confided in him that I l.o.v.e.d. The Voice but couldn’t stand Christina Aguilera. He looked at me in disbelief, got up, walked away and never talked to me again.

“Well, that’s a little bit exaggerated,” I thought, because I really couldn’t see the appeal. Until this season of The Voice when Christina Aguilera started dressing as a lesbian.

Christina AguileraThanks for undoing the tie already, Christina.

I see it now. And I apologise to every gay man I’ve ever offended by saying unkind things about Xtina. Why am I going on about this? Well, I need a picture in this post for on Facebook and I also suspect I may be losing my mind. Almost 20.000 words (19.800 to be exact) in four days will do that to a person.

It’s too much, and if it hadn’t been for this challenge, I would have taken a break this afternoon. (But I have my pride and I’m stubborn enough to want to finish it.) It’s not the numbers of words per se (although today I had to resort to Write Or Die to get them done), but all the living in my head that comes with it.

I wanted to make up for failing to reach 5000 words yesterday, but I failed again. I did my 3000 words before lunch (hunger is a good motivator, I just don’t allow myself to eat until I’m done), but only managed 1300 words in the afternoon. I was in massive procrastination mode and couldn’t snap out of it (corgi videos are so addictive.)

But, between all the whining and procrastinating, I am actually only 3200 words removed from my 30.000 words goal. I’m getting there. The wall I spoke of yesterday was just fatigue and I know where my characters are going (to bed, with toys). Today was the last full day I could work on it, though. I have out-of-the-house stuff to do all morning tomorrow (and morning is obviously my best time to write) and on Saturday I’m going on a desperately needed hike.

But, of course, I’m not going to stop now. I’ll just get up extra early tomorrow and try to get some words in before I have to go and try to amp myself up (aka severely abuse my nespresso machine) in the afternoon to make it to 2000 (the official goal for tomorrow) and then I’ll try to finish it all off on Saturday before the hike (for which I only have to leave at 10 a.m., but it does mean no wine on Friday evening, oh no.)

And now, I’m going to watch Concussion again (I’ll take a picture.)

The numbers:
Day 1: 1000 words
Day 2: 3600 words
Day 3: 2400 words
Day 4: 0 words
Day 5: 6000 words
Day 6: 5000 words
Day 7: 4500 words
Day 8: 4300 words
Total: 26.800 words

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