Hump Day Hook: Younger Than Yesterday

Younger Than Yesterday I’m going on holiday (swapping humid and rainy Hong Kong for a road trip and a few Pride celebrations on the US West Coast!) and this Hump Day Hook is my last blog post before I go. (Do follow me on Twitter for pictures of Dykes on Bikes and Portland lesbians. ;-0)

This hook is from Younger Than Yesterday, my summery novelette set in Tuscany.

In the afternoon we’re all lounging by the pool. I peer over my sunglasses as Cat swims laps, her strong shoulders gliding in and out of the water. The drops cascading down from them every time she comes up for air stir a funny sensation in my belly. I can’t wait for the moment she exits the pool, her skin all wet and her muscles pumped from exercise. John and Helen are dozing in the shadow of the oak tree and I imagine they aren’t here. I picture Cat pushing herself out of the water while pinning her eyes on me. She walks over to me with long confident strides and the drops of water falling out of her hair stain the book I’m reading. She bends over and places a moist hand on my neck.

“Come here,” she says before pressing her lips against mine. “This has been a long time coming.”

She takes the book from my hands and tosses it to the side. She pulls me down on the sun-bed until I’m flat on my back and straddles me, her wet bikini cooling my thighs. She kisses me again as if it’s the most natural course of action, as if there’s no other conceivable way for us to spend the rest of the afternoon. With wet hands she cups my breasts, stiffening my nipples. My blood races through my veins and I’m ready to surrender.


“What?” I open my eyes, which I appear to have closed in the midst of my fantasy, and find Cat towering over me, a towel wrapped chastely around her body.

“Oh sorry, did I wake you?”

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