Hump Day Hook: Personal Training

Personal Training

This week’s Hump Day Hook is from my brand new short story Personal Training, which will be released very soon. Here’s a taste already.

I have no idea what she says next. I’m enthralled by the flush in her cheeks and the excited tone of her voice. I hardly notice that I bring a finger to her lips, silencing her. My body seems cut off from the common sense that’s supposed to keep me from touching her. Reputation is everything in this town. If word gets out…

“Jan?” I feel lips moving against the tip of my finger. I focus my gaze and meet Ali’s big blue eyes. I know I should retract my finger and apologise as profusely as possible, but I can’t. After hours of admiring her strong body, her tenacity and unbreakable willpower, something inside me gives.

She goes wide-eyed, but doesn’t push my hand away. I move in closer, cupping her chin with my palm. Maybe I should say something, but I have no idea what. So I kiss her. I lean in and plant my lips on hers. Instantly, I’m dizzy with lust. Until she pushes me away by the shoulders.

“Excuse me?” Ali’s expression is more amused than annoyed. I can see in her eyes this is not a dismissal. I can see it in the way she tilts her head and bats her lashes.

This is my gym, I think. I’m in charge. I stand to face her. “I’ve wanted you since the first time you walked in here.” I bring my hands to my sides, as if I’m casually explaining a new exercise. “I thought it was time you knew.” In the frenzied state my mind is in, there’s no room for rejection.

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  1. Hey ladies, because you were all kind enough to comment and it’s HDH Giveaway week, I’ll send you all a free copy of Personal Training once it’s out (next week)! Happy humping! 😉

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