Calor de Verão

Calor de Verão Summer Heat has been translated into Portuguese. Yay! Since its release in August last year Summer Heat has travelled up and down Amazon’s Lesbian Best Sellers List, occasionally dropping out, but never for very long. I guess you could say it’s my best selling title. Apart from that, it is also one of my favourite stories. I have the sequel all planned out in my head (it’s so dramatic, it sometimes keeps me awake at night). I just need to find the time to write it down (or stop prioritising other things, depending on how I look upon it.)

To celebrate my first adventure on the Portuguese e-book market, Calor de Verão is available as a free download until Sunday.

Oh, and I also have a blurb in Portuguese (by the lovely Luciana Guisoli, who translated the book.)

Quando Cat se vê inesperadamente deixada por sua namorada poucos dias antes de suas férias, ela decide acompanhar seus pais em sua viagem anual de celebração de 37 anos de casados, na esplendorosa Toscana. Preparada para duas semanas de melancolia regada ao sol italiano, Cat encontra muito mais do que tristeza na casa onde costumava passar todos os verões de sua infância.

Download links (FREE until Sunday)
Amazon BR
Amazon US
Amazon ES
Amazon CA
Amazon UK
Amazon DE
Amazon FR
Amazon IT

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