Hump Day Hook: Fool for Love

Here we go for another round of Hump Day Hook-ing. This one’s from Fool for Love, the first novella in my High Rise series.

“Where does it hurt?”

“Around here.” Alex pointed at a spot above her right shoulder blade.

“At your service, madam.” Maddie scanned Alex’s tank top-clad back. “I wouldn’t want to stain your clothes though. Would you mind if I pulled your top up?”

“Of course not.” Alex beat her to it and in one swift movement her back was bare, apart from the straps supporting her bra. Maddie stood there swallowing the dryness out of her throat. A naked back usually didn’t have this effect on her, but not all naked backs looked as perfectly sculpted as this one. She was almost afraid to touch it, scared she would ruin it somehow.

“Thanks.” She reached out her hand until her fingertips touched Alex’s shoulder, the electricity zapping through her flesh overwhelming her. “I’m going to lower these a bit.” Slowly, she brushed the straps of Alex’s bra down her shoulders. “Just for better access.” Maddie squirted some oil in her hand and heated it between her palms.

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P.S. The price of Fool for Love has been lowered to $0.99 permanently.

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