Two days to FOOL FOR LOVE (Part one) – Six Sentence Sunday

Today’s six sentences are not from Champagne as usual, but from my upcoming release Fool for Love (of course). Alex and Nat are having lunch and in these six sentences you can find out a thing or two about Nat.

“Well,” Alex stood up. “We can’t all sit around and do nothing all day. I have to get back to work.”

“I don’t feel spoken to in the least.” Without a care in the world, Nat folded one toned leg over the other and fixed her eyes on what looked to Alex like a sixteen-year-old girl who had just walked into the restaurant. “I do a lot of research for my next masterpiece in places like this.”

“Good luck, Hemingway. See you in class later.”

As always, more Six Sentence Sunday goodness can be found at the official website. I’ll be back with the next six sentences of Champagne next week. Fool for Love is out on Tuesday.

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