Two days to FOOL FOR LOVE (Part two) – Sunday Snog

Sunday Snog

Fool for Love Today’s snog is from (you guessed it right) Fool for Love. (Just sticking with this week’s theme. ;-)) Remember to leave a comment for a chance to win a free copy of Fool for Love!

Here we go for Alex and Maddie’s first kiss. Enjoy.

Alex allowed herself a silly chuckle. “You must think I’m terribly uptight.”

Maddie shook her head while digging her nails into Alex’ jeans. “The only thing I think is that you’ve been hurt. Anyway, you must think I’m quite the floozy.”

“Floozy?” Alex suppressed a fit of giggles. “Yeah, that about sums it up. A banker floozy with a seriously deranged moral compass.”

“I’ll take that as a compliment.” Alex adored Maddie’s self-deprecating sense of humour. “Now.” Maddie leaned a little closer and put her wine glass on the table. “This floozy would really like to kiss those uptight lips of yours.” Maddie took Alex’ glass from her hand and put it away. “No tongue, I promise.”

“That’s about the most romantic proposal I’ve ever had.”

“I thought so.” Maddie slanted her head sideways as she inched closer.

Alex smelled wine and that expensive banker perfume she remembered—often and usually when alone in bed—from the evening on Isabella’s roof top. Maddie’s lips tasted salty and promising. She brought her hand to Alex’ neck and softly dug her fingertips into her muscles while parting her lips. Slowly, she trailed her tongue over Alex’ lips. Alex immediately reciprocated by opening her mouth and allowing Maddie’s tongue to slip in.

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