Bouncing up and down

Two more days left to get your free copy of Younger Than Yesterday, which got this amazing Amazon review (making my day big time!) Here’s a snippet:

The writing is skilled and the editing is flawless. I can’t help but wonder when Harper Bliss is going to break into the full length novel business. I’d certainly read whatever she wrote.

And this one (making me blush):

The writing is really amazing and it just flows. The build-up of the relationship is done extremely well. I am really surprised that there are no novels written by this author as these two short stories have been the best I have read in f/f genre.

Get your free copy here:
Amazon US
Amazon UK

I’m not done tooting my own horn just yet. 😉

Here’s a great review for Smut in the City, the anthology in which I have a story called Neighbours or, as the reviewer calls it: “steamy, soapy girl-on-girl fun.”

Smut in the City is available from:
Amazon US
Amazon UK
All Romance

And (hang in there) one more… a five-star review of Summer Heat on GoodReads.

The sex scenes are truly amazing, gentle, soft, sizzling, passionate….wow..Hot is the word!! These two women together are so sensual.

Great writing style…marvelous story…loved the setting…Tuscany, the heat of summer…just perfect for love and romance.

Summer Heat is available from Amazon US and Amazon UK.

I’ll shut up now.

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