Fantasy Casting ‘About That Kiss’

Here’s my ultra-A-list fantasy casting for Ida and Faye in About That Kiss.

This book was born from nothing else but putting these two together in my head and everything just flowed from there. Needless to say, I had the time of my life writing this. 😉

Sandra Bullock as Faye Fleming

Julia Roberts as Ida Burton

8 Responses

  1. Wowwww. A-list for sure. I was not even close to thinking that big. I was trying though. Just read the trailer scene after the rumor started. I had to come see who you were thinking at this point. Niceeeee!

  2. Yes! I also saw Julia Roberts as Ida (with the big smile and all ;-). I didn’t see Sandra as Faye but that’s brilliant, she fits perfectly! Good one. I’ll keep that in mind when I read it again, as I’m sure I will.

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