NEW RELEASE: Water Under Bridges (Pink Bean 5)

Water Under Bridges (Pink Bean 5)Can you believe we’ve reached Book 5 in the Pink Bean series already? (Time flies when you’re writing about lesbians and coffee…) 😉 In this latest installment, I introduce two brand new characters who share a troubled past. Luckily they can count on the rest of the Pink Bean gang to help things along… but I really can’t say any more without spoiling the story.

Even though it has plenty of typical ‘Pink Bean banter’, Water Under Bridges is not as light-hearted as This Foreign Affair. It may actually be the slowest-burning book I’ve ever written (and of course things catch fire at some point!) If you need a bit of comic relief before you start the book, here’s a video of me failing at yoga to celebrate the launch: 😉

But don’t let my yoga shenanigans keep you any further. Here’s all the information on the book:

Can you build a future if you don’t let go of the past?

Louise Hamilton has returned to Sydney after her long term relationship broke down in Brisbane and she’s loving her new job at Glow, Darlinghurst’s freshly opened yoga studio. She’s found new friends in her boss Amber and the gang at the Pink Bean and feels like her life is finally back on track. Until a figure from her past unexpectedly comes back to haunt her.

Mia Miller has just been hired as the Pink Bean’s new manager. She’s delighted to leave behind the corporate life and become part of a small business whose owners and patrons give her the sense of community and family she’s been missing. When a Pink Bean customer catches her eye and she tries to establish a connection, her advances are met with nothing but indifference and disdain.

What happens when a dark past comes back to slap you in the face? And can people ever truly move on from a deeply traumatizing experience?

Find out in this new installment of best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss’ Pink Bean series.

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P.S. If you’re new to the Pink Bean series, here’s a handy list of the books in order:
1. No Strings Attached
2. Beneath the Surface
3. Everything Between Us
4. This Foreign Affair
5. Water Under Bridges

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