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OIAL_180x288Soon after finishing At the Water’s Edge, I knew I wanted to shift my writing focus to producing more novels. Once in a Lifetime is the first direct result of that decision. (It definitely won’t be the last. As discussed at length on my blog already, I have two more novels in the works.)

My second novel is, however, very different from my first. It’s a romance for sure and emotions run high (and low) throughout it, but, for starters, it’s much more erotic than At the Water’s Edge. This book is about a couple who have known each other for a long time, so the sex they have isn’t exactly vanilla. If a certain level of kink is not your thing, please be warned. 😉

Most of all, though, the central theme of this book is love that lasts a lifetime, no matter the choices the characters have made, and where life has taken them.

I have to give props to my wife who first gave me the idea when I wrote As Years Go By and then, later, urged me to turn Jodie and Leigh’s story into a full-length novel. “Why don’t you write something about a couple who have been together for a long time instead of two women meeting for the first time?” she asked. Being a good wife, I did as I was told. 😉

The first three chapters of Once in a Lifetime are highly dramatic, but this book is a romance at heart and, without wanting to spell it out, I think you all know how I like to end my stories. 😉

So as not to repeat myself too much with my thank-yous, I’m copying the acknowledgements from the book below:

Endless gratitude to my wife Caroline for supplying the idea for this novel, for always listening patiently to my crazy plans, and for being my partner in just about everything. To Maria for the unwavering enthusiasm when it comes to my stories and for the invaluable beta-reader essays. To Cheyenne Blue for being a stellar, honest editor and an equally excellent friend. To my readers, without whom all of this wouldn’t be possible.

Thank you.

Here’s the blurb for Once in a Lifetime:
Leigh Sterling and Jodie Whitehouse share a deep love and extreme passion in the bedroom. But when Jodie’s desire for a child becomes inevitable, it clashes with Leigh’s career ambitions as well as with her lack of maternal instinct, and forces them apart.

They go through life separately and, as years go by, their attempts at other relationships fail to measure up to the power of the union they once shared. When they see each other again eleven years after their painful breakup, an opportunity arises to explore if they really were each other’s one true love.

And it’s available from:
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The paperback will be available next week. Enjoy!

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  1. I may be one of the only people in the work to still buy hard copies, but when does this come out in paperback? Also love the short stories, need more in paperback anthologies.

  2. Hi JT, Once in a Lifetime will be available in paperback next week! Our last anthology Summer Love is already out in paperback on Amazon. Enjoy!

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