Q&A: Alison Tyler on The Delicious Torment

The Delicious TormentRemember when I had erotica royalty Alison Tyler over for a cup of black coffee and a guest blog on Dark Secret Love? The Delicious Torment, the sequel to the excellent Dark Secret Love is out now from Cleis Press and I’ve subjected Alison to my familiar Q&A. Here we go:

1. Sell us your book in one sentence.
And Alex makes three.

2. Favourite line (or paragraph) from The Delicious Torment
Here’s my favorite line:


I believe you can fall in love six times before breakfast—that is, if you’re looking.

And damn, I couldn’t stop at a single favorite paragraph, so I hope you’ll let me run off at the page…:

“I need to know. Is this how you want me? Is this what I need to do to show you that I’m yours? Stay here, naked, every day, cuffed to the bed. Nowhere to go. Nowhere to hide. Is that what you want?”

He shook his head. “Jesus, no.”

“Or in a cage? Do you want to lock me in a steel puppy cage before you go to work? Have Alex take me out and walk me at lunchtime, then find me waiting with my head down, for my Owner at the end of the day?”

“I’m not your—”

“What do you want, Jack? What do you need me to do? How can I show you? How else?”

He was closer to me, and I could see the conflict in his eyes. He wanted to believe me. He wanted to so badly. “I trust you,” he said.

3. Last book that blew you away?
I am a fiercely loyal person. The book that I carry with me, that I buy for all my friends, that I don’t lend out is Wrecking Crew by John Albert. Who knows why this book twisted me around its little finger. But I am 100% faithful.

4. Which celebrity is at number one of your imaginary to-do list?
I like kink with my coffee. I want to think that the person I’d choose would be willing to play a little rough, a little raw. That said, I’ve always been partial to James Remar.

5. What’s your favourite sexy song?
To this day, I can’t pronounce this song right. But Led Zeppelin’s D’yer Mak’er is my #1 favorite song and Miss You by the Stones is (the close) #2.

6. What are you most proud of?
My relationship. 18 years. Going strong.

7. Who’s your favourite TV Character?
Last year, Tony Soprano. This year, Eric Northman.

8. Which author’s books are a must-read?
I’ve read everything by Elmore Leonard—just check out my battered bookshelf. I adore City Primeval, The Switch, Cat Chaser, Unknown Man #89

9. Anything else you want us to know?
Even after all these years, I blush like a fiend when I say dirty words. No joke.

10. What’s next for you?
Third in the series is on my hard drive right now. I’m also working on a few new novels that have me all kinds of excited. Let me know if you’d like a peek!

* * *

Alison Tyler is the author of more than 25 novels, most recently Dark Secret Love and The Delicious Torment (both from Cleis Press). Visit her at alisontyler.blogspot.com for posts about smut, coffee, and tequila, and follow her on twitter: @alisontyler

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