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I’m back in the lovely (finally less humid) SAR of Hong Kong. I’m rather jet lagged at the moment, but nothing a few cups of coffee in my own private mug won’t fix. After spending two very noisy but giggly weeks with old friends, family and the cutest little nephew on the planet (everyone says that about their own nieces and nephews, right?), I’m ready to get back to ‘work’ (is it work when it’s so much fun and orgasms get dispensed so easily?) 😉 Also, did you know that in less than three months it will be Christmas again? Some days, it feels as if I’m still recovering from last year’s festivities…

Here’s what I have planned for the last quarter of 2013:

I Still Remember– Getting my new novelette I Still Remember ready for publication. I finished the first draft before I left but the story wouldn’t leave me alone so now I have to add a bit more sexy goodness to it. 😉 I do have a cover already. (It looks rather instagram-ed, but it’s not. It’s just nostalgic.) I Still Remember should be out by mid October and I may want to try doing a blog tour for it. If you have a blog that likes lesbian erotica, do let me know!

– A few people have written to me to let me know that they love my stories so much they wished they’d be a bit longer (which is really a great way of putting it. Thank you!) I Still Remember will already be quite a bit longer than my other novelettes, but, for Christmas, I want to give you a story long enough to really sink your over-worked teeth into. The plot is already percolating in the back of my mind (cougar alert!) and I want to write this ‘petite novel’ (which is just a posh way of saying lengthy novella) during a ten-day time span when my wife has to go back to Belgium. I will be tweeting and Facebook-ing (and maybe even Instagram-ing) about this so you can follow my progress. The idea is to write approximately 4000 words every day while the missus is away. (This is a lot for a pathological procrastinator like me!) But, of course, more on that when the time is nigh.

– Around Christmas Ladylit will also release another mini-anthology with stories from the same amazing authors whose tales appeared in Sweat.

– In between we will also be looking for a new apartment and moving house AND move the Harper Bliss/Ladylit/A Hotter State ‘desk’ out of the corner of our bedroom (not that it’s not inspiring) into a proper office.

– Time permitting, I’d also like to release a 12 piece short story collection bundling all the stories I have out (and have the rights to) plus a few new ones before the end of the year.

– Well, I think I’d best get cracking! 😉

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  1. Wow busy ladies, are you sure you can do it all in 3 months? I can’t wait to read them all. If you need a hand give me a shout. Although the moving part will be a bit hard as im in the uk.

  2. Thanks, Charmaine! It sounds a lot when I make a list like this, but it’s really quite doable (if I don’t watch too much Bake Off and get rid of this jet lag soon… ;-p)

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