Things I did this week #6

– Visited Bangkok
– Saw some things a woman isn’t supposed to see
– Revealed the cover for Undisclosed Desires
– Saw JLo in concert (she was good (aka smoking hot), but I’ve yet to see a show match Madonna’s Blonde Ambition tour—this one didn’t come close)
– Had one session with a personal trainer (it came with the new gym membership) and got slaughtered by the sweetest looking Chinese boy (I should have seen it coming)
– Had trouble getting up and sitting down for two days
– Neglected my blog (sorry)
– Found out that Salman Rushdie’s memoir only briefly mentions Padma Lakshmi (but it’s still a good read)
– Rejoiced in the return of The Layover
– Went to Ikea for the third time in so many weeks (the new flat is getting there)
– Didn’t write as much as I set out to do (due to a long-stretched Bangkok hangover)
– Saw the most ridiculous Hong Kong movie (Cold War, if you ever feel tempted—don’t!)
– Booked a flight home to visit my nephew in March
– Inspired Cheyenne Blue to make her own list (keep it up ;-))
– Made this list

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